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Satellite and remote sensing imagery analysis for the agricultural and supply chain sectors.

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Precision Artificial Intelligence uses AI powered software solutions to increase business productivity and returns.

We are an international team of data scientists, statisticians and machine-learning experts who combine our diverse expertise to improve agricultural and supply-chain businesses.

Precision Artificial Intelligence has developed proprietary object recognition algorithms and computer software that effectively and efficiently recognise objects in a range of environments with high statistical certainty. These algorithms can be refined and tuned to solve a range of complex business problems. This includes crop yield prediction, identifying disease and defects, crop germination rates and asset auditing.

What we do

Precision Artificial Intelligence partners with clients to develop bespoke solutions that use image analysis and computer intelligence to solve agricultural challenges along the supply chain.

Client Engagement Process

Problem definition and user requirements agreed

Image collection and extraction

Proof of concept developed, analysed and refined

Robust production version completed

Deployment and integration into clients systems

Clients & Partners

Case Studies

Iron identification in MRI imagery 

Tony Cooper PAI Co-Founder, worked with a leading Australian Health Care Provider to develop an award-winning machine learned artificial intelligence prototype for a low-cost test to measure liver iron concentration (LIC). This AI test enabled iron overload management at a significantly lower price, allowing for penetration of iron overloaded patients in the substantial emerging Asian growth markets. It positioned the company at the cutting edge of AI in healthcare.

You can find the study here

Iron Identification Example

Animal Genetics Predictions

Precision Artificial Intelligence worked with a leading New Zealand animal genetics company to develop a linear random effects model that ascertained the genetic effect of the additive, dominance and epistatic genetic values of the genotypes of the animals involved. This led to identifying animals that had greatest likelihood to produced fated offspring. This reduced both business inefficiencies and cost.

R Code Example

Kiwifruit Yield Prediction

PAI worked with a global kiwifruit company to improve their harvest forecast metrics for early season planning. Through innovative image capture techniques, advanced AI and computer vision was used to aggregate images and map orchard bays at sub-pixel accuracy. This resulted in the development of kiwifruit specific machine-learning algorithms capable of reporting on winter cane length and diameter in kiwifruit canopies. 

Kiwifruit Yield Prediction Example

Agricultural Asset Identification and Tracking

Precision Artificial Intelligence has developed a range of proprietary algorithms to assist with asset recognition, counting and assessment for agricultural pre- and post-harvest supply chain analytics. This machine learning capability has a wide range of business and agricultural benefits including weed identification for precision spraying and fertiliser application; crop disease identification and management, to satisfy audit and insurance requirements, for effective management and financial cost analysis and reporting.

Agricultural Asset Identification and Tracking Example

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